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Six Reasons To Start A Blog When You Already Work A Full-Time Job

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You’re already tired when you get home from work. You have a house to clean, kids to play with, dogs to walk. Why should someone like you put time and effort into starting a blog?

Let’s assume you don’t need extra money every month (even though I bet you do). Even if you love your job and you’re well paid for your time, there is still a benefit to investing time and effort into starting a blog now.

Here are six reasons you should start your money blog immediately. I think you’ll find them pretty convincing!

1. For Passive Income When You Retire

Are you worried about how you’ll afford to retire? There are many investment plans that can make things more comfortable, but adding passive income sources like blogging is one of the best ways to have more money for when you retire.

Even if you have a solid retirement plan, blogging can give you money to do more fun things like go on a cruise or travel around the US. The possibilities are endless, really, and if you start early enough you could be making a full time income for the rest of your life off of your blog posts.

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2. So You Can Retire Early

Personally, I’d like to have my husband retire by 45. That’s in 15 years! And blogging is part of my plan to bring him home for good.

Do you want to retire early? You can, if you build up enough streams of passive income early enough in your life! Blogging can bring in money via ads, product sales, and affiliate sales. Selling products isn’t passive, but affiliate sales and ads are.

3. For A Creative Outlet

Sometimes I just like to write to get some words out of my head. This blog is all about business and the mom life, but on one of my other blogs I like to experiment with poetry, writing stories, and other things. And surprisingly, that site actually brings in some money!

If you are looking for a creative and fun way to make some money, a creative blog just might be the way to go.

4. To Drive More Customers To Your Day Job

If you own your own business or are responsible for marketing for your day job, you may want to start blogging to give a more human face to that brand. There are a lot of ways to use blogging to humanize your business! Plus, blogs are great for getting more organic traffic via SEO.

5. It’s A Source Of Passive Income For Introverts

One thing I am so grateful for is that blogging doesn’t require me to talk to anyone. Sure, I’m talking to all of you, but I don’t have to pick up a phone or leave a house.

That is such a relief, because I actually have social anxiety. Seriously, I am the worst at making friends and I stumble over my words all. the. time.

But with blogging, all of the work is behind the scenes. And I can reach out to people when I feel comfortable doing so.

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6. Blogging Allows You To Explore Your Inner Self

Blogging has taught me a lot about myself. I never realized before how much I like learning new things and teaching other people about them!

Blogging also regularly helps me discover new hobbies and interests that I might like to try.

Certain forms of blogging are all about delving deep into your soul. If your niche is religious, then your blogs will definitely help you to figure out what you really believe.

Are you convinced?

Starting to blog is the best thing I did for my family, and I even got my husband to start blogging. He has a full time job, and not much time to spend on blogging, but I convinced him that if he started now, it would improve our lives well past retirement.

Blogging and the internet doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Until it does, I want to be able to rely on our writing to bring in extra money (and, eventually, a full time income so my husband can retire early). Whatever your financial goals are, you have a reason to pick a blogging niche and get writing now.

In a couple of years, when that blog is paying for your groceries or even a new car, you can leave a comment thanking me for the advice. 😉

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