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My 5 Favorite “Clean With Me” YouTube Videos For Homemakers

A mom cleaning her home with her toddler

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I love “clean with me” style YouTube videos because they pump me up to get cleaning. Sometimes they even help me to remember what I need to clean that I’ve neglected for a while!

These videos also have the benefit of showing us that even the most put together lifestyle vlogger has to clean up a messy home now and then.

My favorite YouTuber for this exact reason is Love Meg, who always seems to have her life together and a beautiful home. But when she gets down to cleaning, you can see that she works hard to give you that impression.

There are so many other YouTubers out there that do these kinds of videos. There are rich moms, poor housewives, people with big homes and small homes. No matter what your life and home currently look like, you can find someone that is in a similar situation that cleans their home and makes it look beautiful.

I think cleaning is one of the great equalizers. Of course there are the lucky few that can pay someone to clean their homes, but for the rest of us, this is one thing that we all have experience with. The frustrations, the building piles of laundry, the unending dishes to wash.

So that’s why I watch these videos. Because they are relatable and motivational.

Want to get started watching them, too?

Ultimate Clean With Me | Play Cleaning Motivation Game | Lovemeg

Get your clean on with this bubbly, fun YouTuber. I often watch her videos when I’m feeling depressed and come away feeling much better after.

And I can never watch one of her videos without getting the itch to start cleaning!

Clean My Entire House With Me! Ultimate Cleaning Motivation

I love Brittany! All of her videos are full of useful lifehacks, and her son Carter is adorable. Her home always looks beautiful and it’s clear that she cares deeply about taking care of her surroundings.

Ultimate Clean With Me! 💙 Complete Disaster!!!

Do It On A Dime isn’t only great for frugal organization videos. Her clean with me videos are mega inspirational, too!

Whole House Clean With Me | Satisfying Speed Cleaning

I love this video because her son is with her, “helping” her clean. It reminds me of when my son was younger. Now he’s much more helpful, but those times when he just bumbled around while I cleaned are such a sweet memory.

Clean With Me: Our Entire House (Cleaning Motivation)

Clean My Space is THE channel for cleaning tips. So when I see that their home gets messy, too, I don’t feel like such a failure for letting the clutter pile up!

What Are Your Favorite “Clean With Me” YouTube Videos?

These videos always leave me ready to get cleaning, to the point where I just start a playlist full of them and clean while they play. It’s satisfying to see how much work I can get done while also seeing other homes get cleaned at the same time.

So what videos do you watch when you need the motivation to clean? Which of the above YouTubers is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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