These clear acrylic rolling pins are an essential tool for any crafter that works with clay or polymer clay. You can make textured streets, fabrics, and more with these simple rolling pins.

I didn't realize I needed textures when making dollhouse miniatures until I tried this tool. I bought all 6!
Jeremy Hoffman
Etsy Shop Owner

Never have a boring, flat polymer clay surface again!

Comes in six gorgeous textures!

Texturing your clay creations makes them look and feel more expensive, which means you can make more money on the crafts you create!

  • Hides fingerprints
  • Makes your crafts harder to copy
  • Adds a third dimension to otherwise flat creations
  • Great for creating sensory tools
I make chunky polymer clay jewelry, but my sales were stagnating. When I got a review saying that my earrings were fine but boring, I knew I had to change something. I bought these textured rolling pins from Gold Miss, and my DIY jewelry went from boring to FABULOUS! And my sales went back up, too!
Marisa Jones
Etsy Shop Owner
  • Polymer clay
  • Natural clay
  • Gum paste
  • Fondant
  • Mud
  • Paint on paper
I use these rollers to make textures on fondant for wedding cakes. My customers love the effect, and I've never had a complaint about them!
Alice C.
Wedding Cake Designer
Choose these awesome clay texture stamps to add awesome shapes and textures to your fondant, gumpaste, natural clay, and polymer clay. Seamless clay textures for art. Make unique textured ceramic tiles. Use with baked mud, too! #clay #art #artist #sculpture #polymerclay