30 Writing Prompts Based On Amy Faye’s Romance Novels

More Pinterest pins like this Writing prompts based on Bad Love by Amy Faye: My good for nothing, gambling husband is going to cost me everything. What might she lose? How can she save it? He was used to being alone. Waking up alone. Do you like what you see? I was head over heels […]

Can You Escape the Lovecraftian Cult With the Love of Your Life?

It was my job to save her. It wasn’t my job to fall in love with her. Well, we’re in more danger than ever and every time I look at her I get hard. But if I have to die to save her from that cult, I will. More Information: Night Pleasures is a dark, erotic novel about two lovers […]

Lover Eternal: Twin Princesses Search For Truth In This Hot Romance

Break me. Make me yours. Handsome, broken, and a mistake from the beginning. He held all the answers. I didn’t even know all the questions. More Information: Lover Eternal is a steamy romance novella that tells the story of two witch sisters in search for the truth. While they search for their mother, they find the […]