30 Writing Prompts Based On Amy Faye’s Romance Novels

More Pinterest pins like this Writing prompts based on Bad Love by Amy Faye: My good for nothing, gambling husband is going to cost me everything. What might she lose? How can she save it? He was used to being alone. Waking up alone. Do you like what you see? I was head over heels […]

Bad Boy Aesthetic Writing Prompts

Are you looking for some bad boy quotes to help you write your next romance novel? Do you need some new situations for your bad boys and good girls? Get into the bad boy aesthetic with these writing prompts. Mixed with bad boy photography, they should help you explore your characters and story more thoroughly. […]

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Quick Download Choose your version and enter your email below: Free Romance Novel Hey there, everyone! Today I’m offering a great free romance novel: Pretend You Love Me! Keep reading to find out why you need to download this steamy novel. And don’t forget to check out my other hot romance novels! Pin this to […]