Top Five Bad Boy Novels on Amazon

Bad boys are more popular than ever… What is it that draws us to those evil men that drink, smoke, do drugs, and mess up everything they touch? They make our lives so hard. Luckily we don’t have to deal with their drama. We can force someone else to deal with them in our favorite […]

Sexy romance novel: Rock Hard (Bad Boy Baby Daddy)

There’s no gentleness in the way that he takes her… Her body tenses around him, her ankles crossed on the other side of his hips and locking him in as deeply as possible… I’ve always gotten what I wanted. Women, in particular. The fact that she was off limits didn’t seem to factor into it. […]

Beautifully Damaged: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Beautifully Damaged is a hot romantic suspense novel about a woman looking for justice for her murdered sister. Her lover was the one set to solve the murder and catch the killer, and he didn’t want her involved. But she wasn’t going to just sit idly by.   Please enjoy this preview of this sizzling […]

Cold Hearted : Bad Boy Rugged Love

In this sizzling bad boy hot romance novel bundle, you’ll get three great books for the price of one! Cold Hearted is a complicated, sexy romance bundle. Each of the men is an eligible bachelor looking for the love of his life. They can be arrogant hotbloods, but they’re irresistible. In the end, love wins […]

Kiss & Lie: Scars of Revenge Romance

Description: 4 romantic suspense novels with serial killers, murder, tortured heroes, mafia men and more! They have murders to solve… Gangs to infiltrate… But they’re too busy in bed together! You’ll find these sexy novels inside:   Beautifully Damaged (Contemporary Romantic Suspense) Dark Cravings (Bad Boy Romantic Suspense) Glock (The Gangster’s Daughter) Killer (Romantic Suspense)   Related […]

Dark Cravings: Bad Boy Romantic Suspense

Dark Cravings is a romantic suspense novel by Luna Wild. The main character has a dangerous job, one that makes women a distraction he can’t afford. His love interest was the perfect damsel in distress, though. She was so irresistible to him. The closer she got to him, the more dangerous his life became… but […]