How Can I Write Faster? Tips to Write Faster and Get More Done

I think every writer–even many people who aren’t writers by trade, when term papers come due–has wondered how they can get more work done in less time. Now, I’ve heard some pretty stellar claims. There’s Michael Moorcock’s famous claim, for example, of writing a novel in a weekend: 20,000 words a day. I can’t say that […]

Historical Romance Bundle: Scoundrels & Rogues

In this sweet-to-hot collection of historical romance novels, you get three full length novels with happily ever after endings. You’ll read bodice ripper romance and viking desires. This collection is perfect for anyone who loves corsets or vikings. Buy now and get ready for three heart melting romances! More Information: Scoundrels & Rogues is a […]

Lover Eternal: Twin Princesses Search For Truth In This Hot Romance

Break me. Make me yours. Handsome, broken, and a mistake from the beginning. He held all the answers. I didn’t even know all the questions. More Information: Lover Eternal is a steamy romance novella that tells the story of two witch sisters in search for the truth. While they search for their mother, they find the […]

Writing As A New Mom: How To Write More And Be More Productive As A New Mother

I’m going to be honest right up front: trying to be a productive writer while at home with a new baby is nearly impossible. You’re tired as heck Your baby needs attention You’re probably in pain all over And the house looks like a disaster Yeah, it can be pretty rough. When I first came […]

Top 5 Android Writing Apps for 2018 (They’re All Free!)

There’s no way around it: the ideal way to write, if you’re doing it day in and day out, is with a computer. (Some prefer dictation, but that’s a separate question.) That being said, not everyone can have a computer with them all the time! So what do you use when you’re on-the-go, and all […]

Download Pretend You Love Me FREE!

Quick Download Choose your version and enter your email below: Free Romance Novel Hey there, everyone! Today I’m offering a great free romance novel: Pretend You Love Me! Keep reading to find out why you need to download this steamy novel. And don’t forget to check out my other hot romance novels! Pin this to […]

Three Beautiful, Minimalist Bracelets In The Shop Now

Are your outfits a little bit too boring now? Do you need to glam it up with stylish, but simple jewelry? Gold Miss has just released three new minimalist bracelets that will look gorgeous on your wrist! Why minimalist bracelets? A lot of jewelry can just be overwhelming to wear! Personally, I hate when my […]

Beauty Spell {Witchy Wednesday}

Let’s try a simple beauty spell! These spells can only do so much, but they do change how people perceive your physical appearance as well as your charisma and personality. There isn’t much danger to these sorts of spells, either, so they’re fun beginner spells. Beauty Spell Supplies: Five roses Red candles 1 cup of […]

Top Five Bad Boy Novels on Amazon

Bad boys are more popular than ever… What is it that draws us to those evil men that drink, smoke, do drugs, and mess up everything they touch? They make our lives so hard. Luckily we don’t have to deal with their drama. We can force someone else to deal with them in our favorite […]