30 Writing Prompts Based On Amy Faye’s Romance Novels

More Pinterest pins like this Writing prompts based on Bad Love by Amy Faye: My good for nothing, gambling husband is going to cost me everything. What might she lose? How can she save it? He was used to being alone. Waking up alone. Do you like what you see? I was head over heels […]

Bad Boy Aesthetic Writing Prompts

Are you looking for some bad boy quotes to help you write your next romance novel? Do you need some new situations for your bad boys and good girls? Get into the bad boy aesthetic with these writing prompts. Mixed with bad boy photography, they should help you explore your characters and story more thoroughly. […]

Word Prompts & Verb Prompts for Writers

Struggling to write? Are you dealing with writer’s block? Here are some writing prompts to help jog your creativity! Word prompts and verb prompts will help your writing be more impactful and interesting. These writing prompts are great for NaNoWriMo or self published authors looking to increase their word count and sell more books. Word […]

Top 5 Writing Blogs for Women Authors

Writing blogs do so much. They’re informative. They’re enjoyable. They fill your Instapaper feed. I want someone fighting alongside me. When I’m sitting there making excuses rather than writing, I want someone there telling me that they know what it’s like, and they’re not letting it get them down. Some of these are well-known blogs. […]

More Writing Prompts!

I like using writing prompts when I’m outlining my novels to make sure I’m keeping the mood consistent and keeping in mind that things can always get worse. Writing prompts are useful for: Defining the course of a relationship Finding new ways to torture your characters Creating an emotionally consistent book Creating unique, three dimensional characters that […]