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The Lazy Mom’s Guide To Cleaning When You Don’t Want To

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A lot of guides like this start off with making you anxious about guests coming over. They’re aimed at when you need to speed clean to prepare your house for other people. But you know what? Even lazy moms need to clean more often than that.

I am definitely a lazy mom when it comes to cleaning. Unless I’m stressed out and need to burn off energy, cleaning is the last thing I want to do. I’d rather be on the floor making a mess with my son!

But for his health and my whole family’s mental health, I make a little bit of effort every day to keep the house clean-ish. Not perfect. Not sparkling. Please don’t eat off my floors! But it’s clean enough that we aren’t frustrated when we walk in the door by the mess. And sometimes, my whole family can even find peace and hygge warmth in our home.

How do I manage that? Well, here are my tips to cleaning the house regularly, even when you don’t want to.

Make A Bare Minimum To-Do List

Resist the urge to add a million things to this list! You do NOT need to clean the damn baseboards every Wednesday, people!

No, this list should have one, MAYBE 2 things that must be done daily. Laundry on Sunday. Vacuum on Monday.

Stick to the things that you and your family care about. My husband isn’t bothered by dishes in the sink, but I am, so I do those a lot. But no one in my house is that concerned about vacuuming, so I do that… maybe every 2 weeks?

If it doesn’t matter, save it for when the guests are coming!

Add More Storage

I try to live a minimalist lifestyle, but I have a kid. He has a lot of stuff. You know what I did instead of only allowing him to have 3 toys?

I bought more storage for those toys.

Now I have a few toy boxes to dump his toys into without worrying about organizing. For his toy sets, like blocks or board games, I have shelves to display them. But being able to throw all his cars into one box makes cleaning up after him a 5 second ordeal rather than a 10 minute one.

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Choose Cleaning Supplies You Don’t Mind Getting On Your Hands

Okay, maybe this one is just me, but I hate getting cleaning supplies on my hands. If you get bleach on you, you have to stop what you’re doing and wash it off, and make your poor dry hands even drier with all that soap! Ugh!

So I use natural cleaners now, instead. Vinegar, or even just plain water, are great cleaners. Save the bleach for the toilet. Your coffee table doesn’t need it.

Set A Timer

10 minute clean up. That’s it! Maybe you’ll want to keep cleaning after the ding, but if you don’t, sit down and relax. You’ve done enough!

Make It Fun

I never clean or cook without a podcast in my ear. I just straight up refuse. I want to be learning or laughing at something while I’m doing something I find boring.

If podcasts aren’t your thing, turn on some awesome music! That always lifts up my spirits.

Enlist Help

If they live in that house, they own the messes as much as you do. Even if they work outside of the home and you don’t. Even if they’re just little people. Get your spouse and your kids involved! Turn on the timer, and 10 minutes of cleaning with 4 people means 40 minutes of cleaning done!

I hope these tips helped you to get off your butt and do a little bit of cleaning today. That’s exactly what I’m about to do! Those dishes in the sink are calling to me!

The lazy mom's guide to cleaning when you really don't want to! #cleaning #mom #momlife #homemaking #homemaker
The lazy mom's guide to cleaning when you really don't want to! #cleaning #mom #momlife #homemaking #homemaker
The lazy mom's guide to cleaning when you really don't want to! #cleaning #mom #momlife #homemaking #homemaker
The lazy mom's guide to cleaning when you really don't want to! #cleaning #mom #momlife #homemaking #homemaker
The lazy mom's guide to cleaning when you really don't want to! #cleaning #mom #momlife #homemaking #homemaker
The lazy mom's guide to cleaning when you really don't want to! #cleaning #mom #momlife #homemaking #homemaker
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