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Uses for leftover Velcro fasteners

Photograph by Kamran Iftikhar, distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

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Photograph by Kamran Iftikhar, distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

I am going to admit something right now: I am a hoarder.
I don’t hoard cats, or trash, or ceramic tchotchkies.
I hoard sewing supplies.
Because of this addiction, I have an excess of Velcro around my house. It’s just so useful for so many projects!
But now I have more Velcro than I have uses for it, and that got me wondering about other uses for this magic fastener.
How else can I use Velcro than in sewing projects? What else is Velcro useful for?

Here is a list of great ways to use your leftover Velcro:

  1. Use your hook and loop fasteners to wrap computer cords. Keep your cords under control and lessen the chance of fire!
  2. Use as plant ties to keep tomatoes and tree branches growing the way you want.
  3. Use Velcro to secure wrapping paper and keep it from unrolling. Christmas and birthdays just got a little easier!
  4. Use Velcro to hang temporary window covers. I used Velcro to put up black out curtains in my toddler’s room.
  5. Bundle fishing poles and golf clubs or any other unwieldy hobby items.
  6. Oragnize tools in your garage.
  7. Use Velcro to keep gate doors open or closed.
  8. Hook and loop fasteners are great for fastening a flashlight anywhere that would be useful. They don’t have to stay in your drawers!
  9. Put battery operated lights on walls in hallways.
  10. Having a picnic? Attach your tablecloth to the table with Velcro! Even the stiffest breeze won’t be able to make it budge.
  11. Use to put the TV remote in the TV or a table securely.
  12. Use Velcro to attach your iPad anywhere that will be useful, like on the back of a seat headrest in the car. For long journeys, you can easily out in a movie for the kids.
  13. Attach a waterproof speaker or radio to the shower so you can jam out while you get clean.
  14. Hang pictures with Velcro if you’re not allowed to use nails in a rented apartment with sticky back fasteners.
  15. Secure cushions to chairs and outdoor furniture with sticky back Velcro.
  16. Use in between buttons on shirts that tend to gap when worn.
  17. Attach organizers to the inside of cabinet doors.
  18. Organize toys in an artistic way! Use Velcro on walls or bookshelves to hold stuffed animals and encourage your kids to clean up in their own.
  19. Glue some Velcro to a magnet in a loop to create a pen holder for your fridge!
  20. De-pill your sweaters! Gently dab some Velcro across your sweater to pick up those pills.
  21. Hang your phone or tablet on a kitchen cabinet for easy recipe reference.
  22. Use sticky back Velcro to attach your pets food bowl to a mat to stop the bowl from moving around.
  23. Secure your mailbox to your house with sticky back Velcro.
  24. Secure bird houses or feeders to trees or your house with sticky back fasteners.
  25. Velcro some chapstick to your nightstand so it’s always handy when you most need it.
  26. Hide external hard drives. Attach some Velcro to the bottom of your desk and to your hard drive, and it will not only be out of the way but it will also be out of sight for any possible thieves.
  27. Attach a towel to your oven door handle. I love having towels there to wipe my hands,but they said off so easy. A bit of Velcro will stop that from happening!
  28. Hang umbrellas by the door with some Velcro.
  29. Keep rugs down on a carpet.
  30. Hang kids cups on the fridge so they’re always handy.
  31. Baby proof your home with some velcro. Use fasteners to keep your favorite decorations on your tables.
How to use hook and loop fasteners around the home

How do you use Velcro around your home?

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