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9 Quotes on Homemaking: Encouragement for Homemakers

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As a modern housewife, we can often get lost in the drudgery of cooking and cleaning so much. Nothing ever seems to really get done, because one mess inevitably follows another.

That’s why it’s important to offer encouragement for homemakers as often as possible. I often turn to homemaking blogs and inspirational mom blogs when I’m feeling down, but quotes about homemaking can be a great source of encouragement too!

I put these quotes on homemaking with 1950s homemaking images. Don’t you love those old fashioned homemaker photos of beautiful women dressed up like they’re going to a party, but they’re just cleaning away? It’s totally unrealistic but I adore that retro housewife aesthetic! They really made vintage homemaking look not only easy, but glamorous. In their world, balancing family life and homemaking wasn’t hard, it was easy!

Being a housewife isn’t easy, that much is for sure. But it’s not about being the perfect housewife! It’s about learning and practicing those simple homemaking skills. You don’t learn how to be a homemaker in one day, you learn your whole life.

So please enjoy these housewife quotes. I hope they inspire you to work a little bit harder with an even bigger smile!

9 Quotes on Homemaking: Encouragement for Homemakers

5 thoughts on “9 Quotes on Homemaking: Encouragement for Homemakers

  1. Hi everyone! What are your favorite inspiring homemaking quotes?

  2. I do love the one that says, someone else is praying for what you have. Because when I get exhausted, yes, I think of that and all my problems are nothing. Love this post!

    1. I agree. It can be so hard to keep things in perspective when we are dealing with our daily chores and carrying our cross!

      Thanks, Marie!

  3. I love the one that says someone else is praying for what you have. I prayed for years to retire. But, you have to be careful and specific about what you pray for. I HAD to retire because of back issues. Although, I do realize my life could be so much worse.

    1. That is so true. It’s best to have a good attitude about your life as it is now, even if you’re going through hardship.

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