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Five Free Motivational Quote Printables

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We all go through rough patches. Anxiety, depression, and laziness all creep up on us. 

I’ve always found that motivational quotes can be helpful. They’re not a bandaid or a cure, but they do help focus your mood so that you can help yourself.

I like to keep some motivational quotes around my house to help boost my mood. I get into a mom funk now and then, and seeing one of these on my wall can help me to remember that bad moods pass.

These printables are free to download (link at the end of this post) but I do also sell printables! See my printables here.

Motivate yourself with these three word quotes

Be the change. This quote should inspire you to do good, remain ethical, and always stick to your morals. You can change the world with every tiny good deed.

So go ahead. Be the change that you know is needed.

When we think of change, we often think only of the bad changes. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Every closed door is an opportunity, and every change can lead to something new and amazing.

Hanging this in your home will help to remind your whole family to maybe let go a little, and let life change when it needs to.

We all need a reminder to take it easy sometimes. And in this hectic modern world, sometimes the motivation we need most is something that reminds us to slow down and truly enjoy life.

This printable might be best used in your office, or by the front door so you can see it before you leave for work. It’ll stick in your mind through traffic, bad coffee, and mean coworkers.

You got this! You have the strength and intelligence to meet any hurdle in your way.

Use this motivational quote to push you through those times where you really don’t want to do the dishes, or your toddler is on their 19th tantrum of the day, or you have to go to the DMV.

Using this quote at your daily mantra will get you through some of your toughest times.

You’ll be fine. Through it all, through your darkest days, a light will finally shine through and things will improve.

I use this one as a mantra a lot when I’m anxious, and I’m trying to teach it to my son as well. It’s really useful and helps to calm me down.

You can download these five free printables here! I hope they come in handy for you!

And if you’re looking for more, check out the printables I have for sale here.

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