Tips for selling craft supplies on Etsy

Tips for selling craft supplies on Etsy

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If you want to start selling craft supplies on Etsy, there are a few things you should remember. Some things will keep you from breaking rules, and others will help you make more money.

Always list your products as craft supplies

It’s natural to want to experiment with your categories, but trust me on this one: Trying to list craft supplies outside of the craft supplies category can and will get your Etsy account shut down for good.

When you’re setting up your listing, you must make sure that you choose these options:

Who made it: Another company or person

What is it: A craft supply or tool

And then when you set up the category, make sure that the category starts with Craft Supplies & Tools

If you fail to do these things, you are putting your account at risk!

Choose supplies that look well made

If you’re trying to turn a profit, you don’t want to list the cheap looking stuff from Dollar Tree.

There are some really beautiful, professional looking products at the Dollar Tree. And then there are things that look like they came from the Dollar Tree.

You have to be picky about which products you list so that you can mark them up enough to make a healthy profit.

Seasonal items are very popular

Because the Dollar tree changes their seasonal selections so often, and every year they offer something new, seasonal items will seem more unique in the Etsy marketplace.

If you have the space, buy enough seasonal items to save for the next year, when no one else will be offering them! 

Don't be discouraged by slow sales

It’s normal for it to take a couple of weeks before you get your first sale. While you’re waiting, set up your shop’s policies, banner image, and other information so that you shop looks professional. Don’t forget to download the Sell on Etsy app, so that you can know the second you get that first sale!

Branch out & learn something new

You’re not going to know the best way to use all of the items you’re selling. My suggestion? Look online, and try some of them out!

If you buy some burlap leaves and you think they would look great on a wreathe, why not try making on? It will give you something beautiful to photograph, and show potential buyers a way they can use the product you’re selling.

Tips for selling craft supplies on Etsy
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