Writing Prompts for Modern Romance

Do you need to add some moodiness or angst to your romance novel? Try some of my writing prompts! I like using writing prompts when I’m outlining my novels to make sure I’m keeping the mood consistent and keeping in mind that things can always get worse. Writing prompts are useful for: Defining the course […]

How Can I Write Faster? Tips to Write Faster and Get More Done

I think every writer–even many people who aren’t writers by trade, when term papers come due–has wondered how they can get more work done in less time. Now, I’ve heard some pretty stellar claims. There’s Michael Moorcock’s famous claim, for example, of writing a novel in a weekend: 20,000 words a day. I can’t say that […]

Writing As A New Mom: How To Write More And Be More Productive As A New Mother

I’m going to be honest right up front: trying to be a productive writer while at home with a new baby is nearly impossible. You’re tired as heck Your baby needs attention You’re probably in pain all over And the house looks like a disaster Yeah, it can be pretty rough. When I first came […]

Top 5 Android Writing Apps for 2018 (They’re All Free!)

There’s no way around it: the ideal way to write, if you’re doing it day in and day out, is with a computer. (Some prefer dictation, but that’s a separate question.) That being said, not everyone can have a computer with them all the time! So what do you use when you’re on-the-go, and all […]