Can You Escape the Lovecraftian Cult With the Love of Your Life?

It was my job to save her. It wasn’t my job to fall in love with her. Well, we’re in more danger than ever and every time I look at her I get hard. But if I have to die to save her from that cult, I will. More Information: Night Pleasures is a dark, erotic novel about two lovers […]

Historical Romance Bundle: Scoundrels & Rogues

In this sweet-to-hot collection of historical romance novels, you get three full length novels with happily ever after endings. You’ll read bodice ripper romance and viking desires. This collection is perfect for anyone who loves corsets or vikings. Buy now and get ready for three heart melting romances! More Information: Scoundrels & Rogues is a […]

Lover Eternal: Twin Princesses Search For Truth In This Hot Romance

Break me. Make me yours. Handsome, broken, and a mistake from the beginning. He held all the answers. I didn’t even know all the questions. More Information: Lover Eternal is a steamy romance novella that tells the story of two witch sisters in search for the truth. While they search for their mother, they find the […]

Top Five Bad Boy Novels on Amazon

Bad boys are more popular than ever… What is it that draws us to those evil men that drink, smoke, do drugs, and mess up everything they touch? They make our lives so hard. Luckily we don’t have to deal with their drama. We can force someone else to deal with them in our favorite […]

Sexy romance novel: Rock Hard (Bad Boy Baby Daddy)

There’s no gentleness in the way that he takes her… Her body tenses around him, her ankles crossed on the other side of his hips and locking him in as deeply as possible… I’ve always gotten what I wanted. Women, in particular. The fact that she was off limits didn’t seem to factor into it. […]

Beautifully Damaged: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Beautifully Damaged is a hot romantic suspense novel about a woman looking for justice for her murdered sister. Her lover was the one set to solve the murder and catch the killer, and he didn’t want her involved. But she wasn’t going to just sit idly by.   Please enjoy this preview of this sizzling […]