Four Tiny Tweaks To Make Your Etsy Shop More Profitable

4 stupid simple tweaks to get more Etsy sales

It’s inevitable that after the Christmas gift buying season, nearly everyone running a shop is looking for ways to avoid the Spring and Summer sales slump. While to some extent it’s impossible to totally avoid the slump, there are ways you can improve your Etsy shop that will bring in more sales.

Assuming you’ve already done all the obvious thing that every article about getting more Etsy sales tells you to do (upload more products, share on social media, yadda yadda), I’ve come up with 4 really small tweaks you can use to bring in more sales on Etsy. They aren’t magic and they won’t work overnight, but given time, they will improve your chances of being found on Google, Etsy search and social media.

None of these changes will take a long time, and all of them are easy to keep up with as you add more listings. It adds a few minutes to your uploads, but in the end the increase in profitability will make it so worth it.

Keyword your descriptions

I’ve been working hard to improve my Etsy product descriptions. For a long time I had some templates that I used, but that left little variability and that doesn’t help your chances of being liked by Google.

So now, when I’m writing my descriptions, I try to write a truly unique description. Just one or two sentences that tell the customer (and search engines) what the product is and who might use it.

I also try to pepper in some of the keywords I’m using in my Etsy listing, as well as keywords I find on Pinterest ad recommendations.

You can find a lot of great keyword ideas to use in your descriptions with Pinterest’s ad creator.

Make all of your images Pinterest sized

Most listings I’ve found have short or square images, which means that the customers that want to pin your products to Pinterest have to either choose an image that isn’t optimized for Pinterest, or make one of their own.

Don’t make your customers jump through those hoops. Give them a reason to pin your products to Pinterest by giving them pretty images that are 6 x 9 in size. That’s the perfect size for Pinterest.

When you do this, you make your customers and the Pinterest algorithm happy!

Increase your keyword variability

Make sure the tags you’re using when you upload your listing aren’t repetitive. Further, make sure the tags across multiple listings aren’t repetitive!

If you have a lot of cat charms listed, you don’t want them all to have the same tags. So that you can be found in as many searches as possible, you want to use a tool like Marmalead or eRank to find a whole lot of tags you can use.

I do like to use a few keywords consistently, so most of my slime charms to have “slime charms” as a tag. Not all of them do, though!

Link to shop sections in your descriptions

Cross sell to your customers by telling them you have more items in your shop, and then include a link to one of your shop sections.

Links in your descriptions generally aren’t clickable, but good news! If you link within Etsy itself, it is clickable, meaning your description is a great opportunity to push your customers to find more to buy.

Tweak your shop for easier sales

Hopefully with these tips, you’ll get more sales and be found more easily on Pinterest and Google. The general tip is to make things easier on your customers and to give Google the information it needs to rank you correctly!

Which of these tweaks will you use? Do you have any other small tips to increase Etsy sales? Comment below and let me know!

4 super simple tweaks to get more Etsy sales

What’s new on Etsy this week – slime charms, pom poms, pens & more!

So many new supplies to try!

Happy Sunday morning, friends! It has been a productive week for me – I started running again, and I’ve uploaded so many new products here on this very website as well as on the GoldMissCo Etsy page!

So if you’re looking for something new and fun to buy this week, here is your handy dandy guide to what I have on offer:

Fruit Slime Summer Charms
Fruit Slime Summer Charms

Looking for something sparkly and fruity to add to your slime? These cute slime charms have chunky glitter embedded into the resin and are made with fun, summery colors. Personally, I love those cherries. They’re so cute!

But these fruit slime charms here.

7 Pieces Mini Milk Slime Charms
7 Pieces Mini Milk Slime Charms

Oh, these mini milk charms are just too cute for words! Add these into slime, or glue them to some earring backs, and you’ll have a cute craft that everyone will love.

Personally, I have to have some DIY earrings made from these!

Buy these mini milk slime charms here.

Glitter Slime Sequins

When it comes to making slime fun, it’s important to try something new now and then. This listing gives you 12 bottles of super cute and interesting glitter and charms. 

If you’re into nail art, these embellishments will be perfect for you, too! I love those blue beads and might do some nail art with them.

Pick up these sequins and glitter bottles here.

Another set of cute cabochons that would be perfect for DIY earrings, cell phone decoden, or as slime add ins. They’re in a lively, summery orange and yellow color with white polka dots.

Buy these orange lollipop charms here.

Faux Fruit Summer Jewelry
Faux Fruit Summer Jewelry

Oranges were a bit of a theme for me this week. I love these realistic orange charms! The obvious choice is to add them to a necklace but I think I might make a decorative garland with them.

Get these fake fruit orange charms here.

Unicorn Horse Scissors
Unicorn Horse Scissors

These are really cute gold colored horse or unicorn scissors! They’re stainless steel and perfect for embroidery or cross stitch, where you need to snip small threads.

Buy these small fancy scissors here.

Resin Diamonds Silicone Mold

Make your own cut stone charms and pendants with this reusable silicone mold! Perfect for use with resin to make beautiful fake diamonds and crystals.

Buy this reusable silicone mold here.

Surprise your bridesmaids with these beautiful pens! There are preserved flowers in the glass casing. I love the bright colors on these pens!

Buy these preserved flowers pens here.

0.38mm Extra Fine Nib Fountain Pen

Does your manager or boss have a birthday coming up? This affordable but luxury pen is the perfect option.

Buy this luxury fountain pen here.

This cute baby shower confetti is the perfect option for table decor! It comes in a few different designs: pacifiers, baby bibs, baby feet, or the word baby.

Buy this baby shower confetti here.

Loose mica pigment powder is great to use for DIY makeup, but it can also be mixed into slime! 

These colors are really nicely pigmented and pearly.

Get these bright pigment powders here.

This new take on the classic googly eye adds a splash of color on the eyelid. 

Pick up these bouncy eyes here.

These cute pom poms come in different color schemes so they’re perfect for crafts in any season. Check out the Christmas colors (#9), the Easter colors (#10), and the other options for the rest of the year.

Buy these colorful pom poms here.

These adorable pom poms have tinsel embedded so they’re festive and perfect for party crafts and decorations!

Buy these tinsel pom poms here.

So, what have you been up to this week? Did you finish a new embroidery project? Did you write a term paper? Or did you just get to enjoy a nice spring break?

I hope the weather is nice wherever you are, and that’s you’re drinking enough water and getting in some exercise.