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Protect Your Scrapbook From Damage With These Easy Tips

How to keep your scrapbook safe from damage blog header

Scrapbooking is usually a joyful and fun hobby that can really unleash your creativity. One can spend hours at a time putting together a scrapbook that is meant to share or just for personal enjoyment.

Unfortunately, devastation can strike at any moment. It can be heart-wrenching for any scrapbooker to find that their creation has been ruined for one reason or another.

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8 Steps To Stress Free Craft Time With Children

Stress free craft time with children

Craft time with your kids can be a simple and fun way to bond and explore creativity. Making crafts is an excellent learning tool for children, and can help them learn how to focus and see a project through to the end.

But what do you do when your kids aren’t being little angels? How can you make craft time with kids more peaceful?

The suggestions below will help you to fine tune your crafting time so that you’re pulling your hair out less and enjoying time with your kids more.

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Herring Bone Stitches For Beginners

Herring bone stitch blog header

This text comes from the book Art In Needlework by Lewis F. Day and Mary Buckle. The information has only been edited for clarity. I share this info so that it is more freely available to embroidery beginners!

Herring-bone is the name by which it is customary to distinguish a variety of stitches somewhat resembling the spine of a fish such as the herring. It would be simpler to describe them as “fish-bone;” but that term has been appropriated to describe a particular variety of it. One would have thought it more convenient to use fish for the generic term, and a particular fish for the specific. However, it saves confusion to use names as far as possible in their accepted sense.

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Silicone Molds for Outdoor Decor Crafts

DIY garden decor with silicone molds

It’s warming up, and that means it’s time to get outside! When you’re not mowing the lawn, grilling up some burgers, and sipping a cold one by the fire pit, you might look around and think that your yard could use an upgrade.

But what if the cookie cutter yard decor you find at a home improvement store just doesn’t cut it for you? What if you want to make something truly unique, by hand?

That’s where silicone molds can come in! I sell quite a few silicone mold that can be useful outside, so let’s take a quick look at all of the possibilities.

DIY Address Numbers

Everyone needs to display their address in a way that the mailman can’t mistake your house for a neighbors. So why not use these address number molds to make your address out of cement?

Mix up some cement and you’ll have blocking numbers that you can place on a porch, embed into your lawn, or place in your garden!

DIY Geometric Planter

Take these simple shapes and turn them into beautiful, decorative planters that can form a million different patterns!

I offer triangle silicone molds and diamond shaped silicone molds, and both work great for holding mint, catnip, lettuces, and other plants that like to grow in containers. They have a great industrial chic feel to them!

DIY Flower Pots

Coming in different shapes and sizes, making your own flower pots from cement or resin is fun and fulfilling, and even better it gives you unique garden decor that no one can ever match!

These are the perfect sizes for growing annual flowers that don’t mind being in small spaces.

DIY Yin Yang Garden Containers

Are you looking for peace and balance in your garden? Do you like the Eastern aesthetic? This silicone mold is perfect for you. It will allow you to make a yin yang flower pot with cement and will look beautiful out in your garden.

DIY Succulent Planters

Don’t you just love succulents? They’re super popular now, and they’re so cute! Even if you live in an environment where you can’t grow them in the ground and keep them outside year round, they can benefit from being outside during the summer.

So pick up some of these succulent planter molds and you’ll have beautiful containers for your little pieces of the desert! They’re perfect for setting out on a deck’s railing or on a patio table.

DIY Outdoors Decor

Hopefully, you’ve found something in this post that will make your yard as lovely and welcoming as inside your home! You can use these molds to make so many different things, and there are ways to use them that I didn’t even mention.

Enjoy the warmer months ahead!