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Blog Post Ideas For Craft Supplies Sellers

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Please note that this post may contain affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you.

Finding good blog post ideas can be incredibly hard, and I’ve found that especially true when you sell craft supplies. What can you write about that will help to sell your craft supplies without just writing about your supplies themselves?

You can’t give your craft supplies a boring product pitch to potential customers.  You can’t just say you sell “craft supplies” (or any other brand name), when the product is so much more than that. It’s important to make your business more personal, because your story and personality are what turn your products into a brand.

Don’t worry! You don’t just have to write about your products to help them sell!

Here is a list of blog post ideas for craft supplies sellers, whether you sell those supplies on Etsy or somewhere else. This list gives you more than a month’s worth of daily blogging ideas (But don’t worry, you don’t actually have to blog every day to run a successful blog)!

Kids making crafts with paint and newspapers
  1. How do you use your supplies? If you’re selling craft supplies, you probably also use those same supplies. So write a blog post showcasing your latest crafts, with links to the supplies you used that are listed in your shop! This is a great way to help customers see your supplies in a new light, and can also help to address some of the pain points your customers may be experiencing.
  2. Show off your organization techniques. Anyone with a ton of craft supplies knows they need to be organized! Organization blog posts (and vlogs!) are incredibly popular and perennial topics that will drive traffic and customers forever.
  3. Write a blog post about how you came across your craft supplies. Some supplies have an interesting and unique story, for instance if you found a gorgeous pendant while traveling in JJapan. Writing the story of your products helps to flesh out the story of your brand, which makes your shop and products more personal to your customers. That story can also be shared by those that purchase that supply, making it a more unique and therefore valuable product.
  4. Write tutorials! If you sell slime supplies or slime add ins, for instance, you can write tutorials on how to make slime in different ways. Or if you sell embroidery supplies, you can write a tutorial on how to use your supplies to make a beautiful embroidered gift for Christmas.
  5. Do a craft project roundup. Roundups are an easy way to offer value to your readers and customers without reinventing the wheel. Check the internet for different craft projects related to your products and list them in a listicle or roundup style blog. Add some commentary to make it unique and you have a winning blog post!
  6. Hold a giveaway. You don’t have to give away your craft supplies to do this idea! You can create printables, templates, or designs that can be downloaded by your customers to give them an idea of how to use your products. Giveaways can drive a ton of traffic, so this is a must-do for any blogger.
  7. Do a resource roundup. This is similar to holding a giveaway, but instead of making your own giveaway you round up free resources on the internet. What’s better than one free download? 10!
  8. Interview a customer or another Etsy shop. You can ask them about the supplies they use, where they get their inspiration, and so on. This has the added benefit of giving both yourself and the other person more credibility, which helps to increase your E-A-T for Google.
  9. Write tips for selling craft supplies or crafts on Etsy or elsewhere. This is another perennial topic that will always bring in traffic. Just try to add something unique to your blog post that other sellers haven’t added to theirs!
  10. Blog about what inspires you. What inspired your latest craft or art project? Does a relationship inspire you to create certain things? Is there a memory that drew you to the supplies you sell?
  11. Solve your business challenges. My favorite tip for running a blog has been to write what you want to know, rather than what you already know. Is there something that has been frustrating you about your blog or store? Solve that problem and write a blog post about how you solved it. This will help both you and others that are running into the same problem!
  12. Review a craft book. There are a lot of craft books out there, and some are really great! If you find an awesome book, you can review it on your blog.
  13. Go to a craft fair or convention and write up what you saw, what you did, and who you met. Attending these kinds of fairs and conventions is a great way to network, but it can also be an awesome way to add content to your blog! People who couldn’t attend will be curious about what happened and who was there.
  14. A day in the life post. Write about what is happening in your life. This is another awesome way to make your brand and blog feel more personal.
  15. Go shopping and write up a haul post. What did you buy the last time you went to Michaels? Hauls are super popular both as blogs and as vlogs, so this is an awesome way to add multimedia to your blog.
  16. Share a failure. No one gets their crafts right every time. Show off a recent failure, and make fun of yourself a little bit.
  17. Talk about trends. What do you see trending now, or what do you predict will trend in the future? If you catch trends early, this is a good way to go viral.
  18. Gratitude posts. These are posts where you share what you are thankful for, or what made you happy recently.
  19. Tips for beginners. Share your tips for crafting or running a store online. This is a great way to create a resource for newbies! This is one of the best blog post ideas because new crafters and online sellers are always looking for tips to be successful.
  20. Throwback Thursdays. Dig through your photos or old crafts and share something you made or did in the past. This is especially cool if you can show off some of your earliest crafts!
  21. Write about a skill you wish you had. Is there a crafting technique or other skill that you want to learn? What is it, and why haven’t you learned it yet?
  22. What tips and tricks didn’t work for you? Warn others to avoid useless tips and tricks that can be found online. Not every lifehack has a benefit!
  23. Answer frequently asked questions. Every shop deals with FAQs that can get annoying to answer all the time. Of course, there’s not much of a chance that your customers will read it before asking… but you can point them to the post when they do!
  24. Take an unrelated topic and tie it to crafting. This can be hard to do, but it’s a fun way to practice your creative thinking!
  25. What sets you apart from other crafters or bloggers? Show off what makes you unique. Stand out from others in your field by telling your customers how you’re making a difference or changing the game.
  26. Answer questions from Quora or forums. Check the Etsy forums or quora for question ideas, then answer them with an in-depth blog post.
  27. Compile a list of crafting-related puns and jokes. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then!
  28. Share your top 5 distractions. How do you deal with them? Maybe you’ll help your customers avoid those distractions, too!
  29. What are your goals? These can be short term or long term goals, but writing about them can help you achieve them! Break them down into small chunks and write about how you’re going to achieve your goals. This is an awesome topic for the end or beginning of the year!
  30. Give up something. Go without TV for a month, or give up clothes shopping for a year. Write a blog post about something you want to stop doing, and detail why you want to give it up and how you will creatively deal with that challenge.
  31. Try something new. Write a blog post where you explain how you tried something new, where you succeeded, and where you failed.
  32. What is your reading list for the year? Do you have a list of books you want to read? Write it down and ask for readers to comment with their lists.
A woman making crafts with leaves and twine

With these blog post ideas, make sure you follow blogging best practices. Blogs should always include a few things:

  • Quality photos. These can be stock photos, or photos you took. And don’t think you have to buy an expensive camera, if you have a modern phone that will do just fine.
  • Links to outside resources. Linking outside of the blog is a signal to Google that you are offering a useful resource to your readers, but only if you link to good quality resources. Don’t link to spammy sites.
  • Links to internal resources. If you’ve mentioned something in your blog before, link to it! Internal links are incredibly important for SEO and helps to keep potential customers on your blog for a longer time.

Writing blog posts about things other than your products can actually help you sell your products. Add variety to your blog, and address some problems your readers might have. Doing this might actually turn readers into lifelong customers!

When your blog isn’t solely focused on your products, it makes your product pitches more effective. So get writing!

If you are in the market for craft supplies, please stop by my Etsy shop!

32 blog post ideas for craft supplies sellers. Write unique content to engage visitors and turn readers into customers. #etsy #crafts #diy #craftsipplies #blog #blogideas #blogpost #blogging #entrepreneur #onlinebusiness #business #businesstips #girlboss
32 blog post ideas for craft supplies sellers. Write unique content to engage visitors and turn readers into customers. #etsy #crafts #diy #craftsipplies #blog #blogideas #blogpost #blogging #entrepreneur #onlinebusiness #business #businesstips #girlboss
More than a month of blog post ideas for craft sellers! Write unique content to engage visitors and turn readers into customers. #etsy #crafts #diy #craftsipplies #blog #blogideas #blogpost #blogging #entrepreneur #onlinebusiness #business #businesstips #girlboss
More than a month of blog post ideas for craft sellers! Write unique content to engage visitors and turn readers into customers. #etsy #crafts #diy #craftsipplies #blog #blogideas #blogpost #blogging #entrepreneur #onlinebusiness #business #businesstips #girlboss
Start a blog to sell your crafts and craft supplies on Etsy. Write unique content to engage visitors and turn readers into customers. #etsy #crafts #diy #craftsipplies #blog #blogideas #blogpost #blogging #entrepreneur #onlinebusiness #business #businesstips #girlboss
Start a blog to sell your crafts and craft supplies on Etsy. Write unique content to engage visitors and turn readers into customers. #etsy #crafts #diy #craftsipplies #blog #blogideas #blogpost #blogging #entrepreneur #onlinebusiness #business #businesstips #girlboss
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