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8 Small Homemaking Tips That Make A Big Difference

Small homemaking tips

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When it comes to keeping your home in the best shape possible, it’s usually the small homemaking tips that have the biggest impact. Small things like having a place for everything seems like a no brainer, until you realize you’re not following that advice at all!

Below are 8 small homemaking tips that can make a HUGE difference in your homemaking routine. If you’re looking for the secret to a happy, harmonious home, you might just find it in this post!

Hand Washing In The Kitchen Sink

I visit homes often that don’t have hand soap and a towel for drying by their kitchen sink. What?! How do these people wash their hands after handling raw chicken or doing dishes?

Don’t tell me you use dish soap to wash your hands! That stuff is so strong that your hands will be stripped of their natural oils and cracking they’re so dry come winter.

Please, I beg of you! Get some nice hand soap and a towel to dry your hands in your kitchen. And maybe consider some lotion. Your hands will really thank you.

Keep Antibacterial Wipes On Hand

I like to keep a pack of antibacterial wipes in my purse. When I’m at home, I prefer to use reusable cloths and a spray, but sometimes I’m out of the house and I need to quickly wipe down my phone, purse handle, or laptop.

Antibacterial wipes makes this easy. Especially with the coronavirus scare going on right now, I recommend keeping these on hand.

I don’t go crazy with antibacterial wipes, I only use them when something is really gross. I am of the belief that exposure to some germs is necessary to be truly healthy and build a strong immune system. Still, sometimes you grab a cart at the grocery store after seeing the last person that handled it sneeze on it without covering their mouths. You have to wipe that sucker!

To Do Lists

Checking off a task makes it easier to keep track of what you’re doing, and makes you feel more accomplished as you go along.

There are a lot of apps that you can use, but I still prefer to write one out. I do this in my reusable Rocketbook notebook so I’m not wasting paper every day. I just wipe and restart the next day!

I really like to use to do lists as a space to dump whatever chore comes into my mind, too. That way I can stop worrying about remembering it, and use more of my brain power on actually getting things done.

Clean As You Go

I’m not the best about this, but when I clean up a little bit throughout the day, it really makes the final clean up before bed so much easier.

This has the added benefit of making your space more pleasant to work in, so you’ll want to do more to keep it looking nice.

It kind of sucks to actually do it, but when I manage to clean as I go, I feel much better about my house by the end of the day.

Save Money With Natural Cleaners

Aside from a few spaces like the toilet, you can rely on baking soda, vinegar, castor oil, and hydrogen peroxide to clean everything. Big bottles of those natural cleaners cost much less than a small bottle of Lysol, and clean just as well without leaving a poison residue on your counters and other surfaces.

I use vinegar for almost everything, and only pull out the other tools when I need an abrasive cleaner or for some other very specific purpose.

Make Your Kids Help

Around the age of 5, your kids are physically and mentally capable of cleaning their own dishes, picking up their toys, doing their own laundry, and helping out family members. You’re not being mean by expecting them to help around the house, you are preparing them for adulthood. Every child is just an adult in training!

Even when they are younger, they can help. My toddler son loves to do laundry so much he refuses to let me put anything into the washer or dryer. I get to just sit back and let him tire himself out!

Meal Plan

Weekly meal planning can save time and money. Plan all of your meals and snacks out in advance and then buy only what you need. Make sure to eat before you go grocery shopping so you don’t buy any frivolous food while you’re out, and you’ll be saving a ton of money!

Get A White Board

Using a white board to keep track of to do lists, grocery lists, and more will help the whole family pitch in with keeping track of chores.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ll realize there’s no toilet paper in the house AFTER going to the bathroom, because no one told me we were on our last roll. So freaking annoying!

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