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7 Pairs of Fancy Embroidery Scissors

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Every embroiderer cherishes a good pair of scissors.

Any scissors will do, obviously, in a pinch. But when we as crafters allow ourselves to do so, some beautiful, decorative scissors that are sharp add magic and flair to our crafts.

It’s good to want scissors that make you happy every time you snip a thread. And luckily, there are hundreds of choices out there for scissors!

Craft stores both online and in real life offer fun, decorative embroidery snips that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Below, I have 7 such scissors that are available in my Etsy shop. Read on to find a pair that speaks to you!

These gold tone handled scissors look especially beautiful when working with purples or blacks. The handles are wide and comfortable, perfect for every day use.

These vintage-looking stainless steel scissors are as sharp in cut as they are stylish. These scissors are popular in Europe!

Perfect for anyone that loves fantasy, these unicorn scissors are lovely and small, perfect for snipping fine threads.

The gold embellishments on these scissors give them a rococo style. The delicate curve of the handles make them comfortable, as well.

Another pair of lovely embellished scissors, these ones have strong, sharp blades for cutting fabric and thread. You can choose the colors that work best with your house and embroidery basket.

The red gemstones in the handles of these scissors shine beautifully in light, and the decorative embellishments also give a rococo feel.

These crane scissors are a popular option, a design you’ll see in many an embroidery basket. The thin blades are perfect for snipping threads or small amounts of fabric. The bird design is whimsical and cute.

Which scissors are your favorite?

We all deserve something fancy now and then, and luckily the options given above are both beautiful and affordable. So, which ones would you choose? Have you bought fancy scissors before?

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