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The Lazy Mom’s Guide To Cleaning When You Don’t Want To

Cleaning supplies for the lazy mom's guide to cleaning header

A lot of guides like this start off with making you anxious about guests coming over. They’re aimed at when you need to speed clean to prepare your house for other people. But you know what? Even lazy moms need to clean more often than that.

I am definitely a lazy mom when it comes to cleaning. Unless I’m stressed out and need to burn off energy, cleaning is the last thing I want to do. I’d rather be on the floor making a mess with my son!

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9 Craft Supplies You Can Sell On Etsy For Massive Profits!

A woman holding paint brushes as the header image for a blog post about selling craft supplies on Etsy

Running a handmade business isn’t easy. You have to spend time creating your beautiful products, photographing them, writing descriptions, finding keywords, and writing a powerful title to ensure you rank in Etsy’s strange SEO algorithm. Where do you find the time to do all that?

Is there an easier way to increase your listings on Etsy and get more customers? Luckily, there is! You can list the very same craft supplies you’re using on Etsy without breaking their terms of service!

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Can Fertility Tea Help You Get Pregnant?

Can fertility tea help you get pregnant? Learn how fertility tea helps regulate your cycle and helps with infertility. Plus a recommendation on the best place to buy fertility tea. Improve your fertility naturally with delicious herbal teas. Fertility tea for PCOS or endometriosis. How does fertility tea work? Fertility tea blend. Fertility tea review. The best fertility tea chinese medicine. Fertility drink tea. Fertility tea effects. Fertility tea for ovulation. #fertility #naturopath

Have you considered drinking fertility tea to help heal your infertility?

Infertility is one of the most painful and soul-destroying things someone can deal with. The months or years it can take to become pregnant naturally when there is a medical problem involved can leave a couple depressed, broke, and without any hope.

For my own infertility, I’ve decided to turn to fertility tea as one of my first steps (along with exercise and other diet changes). So far, my cycle has become more regular.

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6 Silicone Molds for Mermaids & Sea Lovers

Unleash your inner mermaid with these silicone molds! If you love the sea and ocean you will love to make unique magical mermaid crafts and mermaid birthday cakes with these reusable silicone molds. Make mermaid artwork, mermaid dolls, mermaid birthday party aesthetic toys, mermaid tails, mermaid decor, diy mermaid crafts, mermaid stuff, mermaid room, mermaid jewelry, mermaid crown, mermaid baby shower ideas, mermaid bathroom, mermaid bedroom, mermaid cupcakes, mermaid fashion, mermaid theme

When you have a mermaid soul, you love to decorate yourself with things that remind you of the sea. From fish to mermaid tails to shells, you want these things on your body and in your home.

So if you know how to use resin, you can use the molds below to create unique mermaid gifts that will remind you of the ocean every day!

Many of these molds can be used with fondant to make mermaid birthday treats, too!

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7 Pairs of Fancy Embroidery Scissors

Every embroiderer cherishes a good pair of scissors.

Any scissors will do, obviously, in a pinch. But when we as crafters allow ourselves to do so, some beautiful, decorative scissors that are sharp add magic and flair to our crafts.

It’s good to want scissors that make you happy every time you snip a thread. And luckily, there are hundreds of choices out there for scissors!

Craft stores both online and in real life offer fun, decorative embroidery snips that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Below, I have 7 such scissors that are available in my Etsy shop. Read on to find a pair that speaks to you!

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The Different Uses for the Versatile Bone Folder

Have you ever used a bonefolder? Bone folders are a great DIY tool for crafts. Make origami with a bone folder. Learn how to do bookbinding with a bonefolder. Find out how to use a bone folder. Make DIY greeting cards with a bone folder. Use bone folder on card stock. Buy this genuine bone folder on Etsy! Make a book with your bonefolder. Bonefolder art. Bonefolder bones. Bonefolder bookbinding. #etsy #crafts #diy #scrapbook

A bone folder is a dull-edged hand tool that can be used to fold and crease material to give a sharper fold than pressing with fingers can give. You can put more pressing on the fold, really digging the crease into the paper, leather, or other material that you are folding.

Despite the name, they can be made of other materials than bone, like plastic or metal. Those made from bone, however, are less likely to leave a residue on the finished product than plastic.

Another common material that bone folders are made from is bamboo, which is popular in Japan.

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