Chocolate Candy Miniature Charms for Kawaii Slimes 30pc

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👽 Do you want to make your slime cooler than everyone else’s?
👽 Do you want to make unique toys for yourself and your friends?

Make incredible, squishy, ploppable, bouncy slime and smoosh in these charms for a toy that’s as 🌈 unique 🌈 as you!

Once you make your first slime, you’ll never want to stop! 😎

Super cute chocolate candy charms for making your own DIY jewelry or add to your chocolate slime!

Make kawaii slimes with these awesome mini chocolate candies!

These make great party favors. You get 30 pieces!

Also useful for making your own cell phone covers, DIY hair accessories, and dollhouse supplies.

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Questions & Answers


** Is slime still popular? Is slime still a trend?

Slime is still a trend in 2018! Kids are still making slime every day, adding new things and being more creative than ever.

** What are the most popular slime ideas?

Right now, unicorn slime, duck slime, and Starbucks themed slime is very popular!

** How to make slime?

Do you need to know how to make slime? Here’s a simple DIY slime recipe!

* 1 cup clear glue
* 1 cup water

Stir water and glue to combine

Then take:

* 1/2 teaspoon of borax powder
* 1 cup hot tap water

In a cup, stir to combine the borax and hot water for at least a minute.

Then, add the borax and water to the glue and water. Stir together, and the borax will activate the glue and turn it into slime. Easy!

** What are slime charms?

Slime charms are add ins that make your slime crunchy and more interesting. They can be anything from action figures to glitter!

** How to make slime charms?

If you want to make your own slime charms, all you need is some polymer clay! Make them whatever shape you want, finish them in the oven or let them air dry, and then add them into your slime!

** Where to get charms for slime? Where can I get cheap slime charms? Where to buy slime charms?

You can buy slime on Etsy! There are so many slime shops on Etsy, it’ll blow your mind. A lot of it is cheap slime, too!

** What are some good charms to put in slime?

These are some of my favorite charms to put in slime:

> Duck charms
> Food charms
> Fruit charms
> Action figures
> Unicorn charms
> Candy charms
> Water beads
> Glitter

** Are plastic slime charms good for slime add ins?

Absolutely! Plastic and resin are great, durable materials that are great to add to slime.

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