The Basics of Your First Ebook

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Do you want to write your first ebook?

Almost everyone thinks they have a book of some kind inside of them. Whether it’s a memoir, non-fiction book, or a novel, everyone has something they want to say and have others read.

Writing a book can be a way of keeping your memory alive for decades or, if you’re lucky, centuries after your death. With the advent of ebooks, it’s never been easier to leave your thoughts with the world.

Ebook writing tips

Unfortunately, writing an ebook can be a pretty boring process, too. So many people start writing an ebook and never finish it, leaving anywhere from 500 to 50,000 words languishing in a text document, never to be seen again.

In order to overcome this, it’s best to set a strict schedule for yourself to write. I mean, think about it: how many books were finished solely because their publish date was looming?

There are a couple of small things you can do to help improve your chances of finishing your book:

Get a damn good book title

An effective headline does more than just market your book. A good title can make you excited to start and finish your book!

Once it’s finished, your title is what will attract readers and create curiosity. A title that hints at answers that readers are searching for is a great option for non-fiction books, for instance.

Tips for new authors

Choose an audience of one

You need to consider who your perfect fan is. Create a profile of one person that loves the book you’re writing, and write to please them.

Your book is going to appeal to more than just one person, of course, but if you can really please one person then you’re doing more than most new authors do.

Having an audience of one allows you to really drill down into what that one person needs or wants to know. If you can figure out what will entertain and educate them, then you can entertain and educate thousands of people!

Basic tips for writing ebooks

Create your document

I haven’t gone over how to outline and plan a book, because to be honest that is a huge topic and best for another blog post.

But once you’re done with the foundational planning for your book, you need to start writing. How are you going to do that?

There are some authors that swear by minimalist options, like MS DOS, typewriters, and other minimalist typing programs or tools. These help you avoid the distractions of the internet without relying on your willpower to shut the internet off.

But if you’re doing a book that requires a lot of research, you might need access to the internet. In that case, you could choose to write in something as simple as Notepad, or as feature rich as MS Word / Libre Office.

Writing in MS Word or Libre Office comes with the benefit of on the fly editing and spellchecking abilities.

In future posts, I’ll go over other details like plotting, outlining, book covers and more! Stay tuned!

Writing Ebooks: The Simple Basics Write your first ebook easily

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