Why You Need Our Bad Boy Writing Prompts

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Creative writing prompts for adults

These writing prompts are great for starting your romance novel empire. These fiction writing prompts are exactly what you need to make your bad boy even more moody and dark.

Women love bad boys. They’re sexy, they’re confident, and they always have hot bodies.

Whether you’re trying to write the best bad boy romance on Wattpad, or just trying to make a great bad boy young adult (YA) novel, these prompts will help you get it right the first time.

Are you trying to avoid a bad boy cliche? That’s easy! Take one of these prompts, and subvert them!

Sick of the good girl bad boy cliche? Instead of the bad boy falling for the good girl, have him fall for a girl that’s so much worse than him.

How to describe a bad boy in a story

Like every other character, bad boys have some things common between almost all of them. And if you want your book to sell and satisfy your readers and their expectations, you want to hit at least some of these common themes.

100 bad boy writing prompts by Madi Le. Writing prompts for romance novels and NaNoWriMo.These are the essential parts of the perfect bad boy character

There are a few things to keep in mind that make it easier to describe a bad boy in a story:

Tattoos are a must. Even if it’s just one tattoo with a deep dark meaning, tattoos add sex appeal and danger to an already dangerous man.

You need to show that this man has game. He needs to talk dirty and walk the walk, too. Let him get into fights. Let him seduce the main character. And definitely let him show her how much he desperately wants to do very, very dirty things to her.

The bad boy is hard to understand. He’s full of conflict and contradictions. He might hate the homeless, but take the time to donate to a children’s charity.

He has to be sexy. A dangerous man that isn’t sexy just isn’t worth the trouble.

A bad boy exudes confidence… except when his defenses fall around his favorite girl. With the world, he’s flawless and powerful, but with her he’s a soft puppy dog.

The ideal bad boy is good looking, with great hair, a cocky but sexy smile, a strong jaw, and abs that don’t quit.

He should seem completely unattainable by your main character. Out of her league doesn’t even begin to describe the difference between the two.

He has to be willing to fight, kill, and die for your main character.

Based on my research and my time writing romance, I’ve found that bad boys fall into a few professions. There are the sports stars, who are busy but not too busy to get drunk and sleep with beautiful women.

There are the fighters, who are similar to the sports stars but with a much more dangerous life. These are some of my favorite bad boys to write, because it’s so easy to break them. Plus, the drama is so juicy when they get that bad punch that could kill them. It really hurts his love interest and makes for some compelling writing.NaNoWriMo writing prompts for horror

Obviously, there are the billionaires. Their jobs vary, from businessman to… son of a businessman. Sometimes they’re in more dangerous jobs, like running the mob, but usually they run slightly shady businesses.

And of course there are bikers, bar tenders, ex soldiers… the list goes on. Find a dangerous job, and you can write about a dangerous man that has that job.

Bad boy story ideas

Getting the right bad boy story plots is important. Luckily, romance plot ideas are easy to find, and it gets easier with my book, 100 Bad Boy Writing Prompts and my Writing Prompts board on Pinterest.

Not convinced? Here’s the kicker:

The PDF is only 99 cents!

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Get unique love story ideas with this beautifully designed PDF with interesting writing prompts. These bad boy story ideas will help with character description, generating love story ideas, and getting ideas for plot twists.


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