Things To Make For Etsy for Non-Crafty People

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Etsy is still one of the best places to sell things online in 2018! Break into the Etsy market without spending days researching and learning how to craft.

People who buy or browse on Etsy love handmade goods. I’ve already told you how you can sell on Etsy without making a single thing by selling craft supplies, but what if you want to break into the handmade market?

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be hard to make your own crafts and sell them! Simple crafts can look just as lovely and sell just as well on Etsy as more ornate ones.

If you’re a stay at home mom or work at home mom, I’m sure you’ve wondered how to sell on Etsy. Heck, that’s how I started with all of this! I had just had my son, and we were struggling for money.

If you need some extra cash, then here are a few easy and cheap crafts that you can start selling on Etsy right now!


Candles are SO easy to make! All you need is some wax and some scents, and a cute candle holder that you can make yourself, and you have yourself a candle that you can sell for more than $20!

Want another candle idea? Put it in a mug! These candle mugs make such a cute gift, and they sell like hot cakes on Etsy.

Check out the video below to learn how to make easy 2 ingredient candles:

Headbands and Wraps

Do you have basic sewing skills? If you do, making headbands to sell on Etsy will bring in that cash!

Headbands can be sold for dogs, babies, adults, and even dolls! You have a huge market there, and if you can find unique fabrics you’re sure to start selling fast.

You can see how to make headbands from fabric scraps in this video.

Easy DIY Headbands

Baby Bibs

This is another craft that only requires basic sewing skills. You can either sell bibs you made entirely by yourself, or get blank bibs and add embroidery, fringe, bells, and other decorations on them.

Parents are always looking for cute bibs, and they’re not just for eating! Some bibs are purely decorative for photos. So give this one a shot! Even if you don’t know how to sew yet, this craft is a great way to learn because it’s so easy.

Click here to learn how to make easy reversible baby bibs for cheap!

Baby Bows

“But Madi,” I hear you saying. “I don’t know how to sew. I said I’m not a crafty person!”

I hear you!

If you don’t want to learn how to sew, but you still want to make some cute stuff to sell on Etsy, try this one out: With some hot glue and a few scraps of fabric, you can make baby bows. No sewing required! The money you spend for the fabric and glue will stretch so far if you sell each of these bows for even just $5.

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to make no sew hair bows.

Easy DIY Hair Bows

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are ridiculously simple to make, and they’re always popular with women no matter their age.

They’re also the perfect easy craft to sell on Etsy!

This video shows you the perfect bath bomb recipe.

Easy DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Jewelry

With a few findings and some charms, you can sell unique and beautiful jewelry on Etsy. It seems harder than it is, I promise.

I like making chokers, and they’re popular with younger women.

Click here to learn how to use gorgeous cabochons to make a beautiful galaxy necklace.

Easy DIY Jewelry Kit

Repurposed Toys

Do you have toys laying around that you or your kids don’t use anymore?

It’s time to repurpose them!

Even if you don’t have any, they’re easy and cheap to get at the dollar store! Dollar store crafts are a great way to make money on Etsy.

Here’s a good place to start: Cut some of those dinosaur or animal figures in half and use them as book ends or photo holders!

This video will give you some more craft inspiration for repurposed toys.

Easy Toy DIYs


Making wreaths isn’t hard. It takes time and a little patience, but that’s pretty much it!

The best part is that you can make wreaths for every season and holiday and someone will buy it. Valentines wreaths, July 4th wreaths, Christmas wreaths… they’re all popular!

Do It On A Dime will teach you how to make Dollar Tree wreaths in this video.

Easy DIY Wreath

Dollar Store DIYs

There are a million more easy and cheap DIYs that you can use to start selling on Etsy. Go into your local dollar store and look around. What can you turn that candle jar into? What can you do with those ribbons? How about those small stones and marbles? The possibilities are endless!

With a little spray paint or glue, almost everything at a dollar store can be turned into an Etsy craft.

Here are just a few DIY crafts from the dollar store that you can try today!

On Uniqueness

You’re probably looking at this list and wondering why you should even bother, right? Anyone can read this list, which means these crafts must be all over Etsy. The market’s saturated and the sky is falling!


What matters is how you make your product stand out. Sure, there are a million and one candles on Etsy, but how can you make yours unique? Is there a scent that’s missing? How about layered candles? Maybe it’s as simple as using your packaging to stand out. Putting a unique label on a candle or using a different kind of ribbon on your wreath is enough to catch a buyer’s eyes.

You don’t have to lower your prices so low you can’t possibly make a profit. You just have to make your product a little bit different to stand out. You can sell these products on Etsy, even with very little experience crafting, and you can start making an income even as a stay at home mom.

So don’t get discouraged, get crafty!

What crafts will you sell on Etsy? Have you tried selling any of these crafts?

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