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Cute mini soda can charms
These soda can miniatures are perfect for your fairy garden!
Or, pull out your jewelry supplies and you can use them to make super cute bracelets and necklaces.
They are just too cute!
The fairies in your fairy garden will be having a real party with their gnome neighbors!
These are small and thus pose a choking hazard. They’re not intended for children.

Charms can define your personality when you wear them. They can show what you like, what you hate, what your aesthetic is.

If you love art, the charm on your bracelet might be a paint brush.

If you are a runner, it might be in the shape of running shoes.

Charms are used on bracelets and necklaces and since there are millions of choices out there, it can be hard to find the best one for you.

If you make jewelry, you’re probably looking for wholesale charms. Buying charms in bulk and for a lower price can help you make more money off of your crafts. When prices are being driven lower and lower on Etsy and Amazon, saving money on your supplies is more important than ever.

Here’s what you need to look for when you’re buying wholesale charms.


When you’re looking for a charm for yourself, often the appearance will be obvious. But when you’re making jewelry for other people, you have to think about what they’ll like or dislike.

Charms that sell well are based on a person’s identity. Medical issues, hobbies, and religious charms all sell well because people identify with them.

Timelessly popular charms are simpler. Hearts, simple shapes like diamonds or circles, and letters for initials are all great choices.

Smaller charms are better, because they weigh you down less when you wear them. Larger ones are good now and then as statement pieces for bolder looks.

Rose quartz heart charm


A beautiful, chic heart shaped stone bead. It works perfectly for DIY jewelry like necklaces and bracelets!

by Gold Miss on Etsy



What materials work for your charms? I like natural stone charms, but metal and resin charms sell too. Stone and metal charms are more durable than resin, but resin allows for a larger variety of shapes and more intricate designs.

The material will also change the expense of the charm. Metal and stone will be more espensive than resin charms.


How a charm can be worn is important, too. Comfort is important to consider, and the latch can change how comfortable a charm is.

You want a durable latch that is as small as you can manage for the chain you’re using.

What kind of charms do you use when making jewelry for yourself or others?

Bird design cabochon charms for Pinterest


50pcs of these beautiful round bird pattern cabochons. They’re made from resin.

From Gold Miss on Etsy

When you look wholesale charms, you’ll find craft and jewelry charms at the lowest price. Buy today and save on Gold Miss’s Etsy store. You get free shipping on all purchases!

Our assortment of jewelry charms and pendants come in many styles and work whether you’re making jewelry for yourself or to sell on your own Etsy store.

We’ve sold charms to some of the biggest Etsy shops. When you shop with Gold Miss, you shop with confidence!

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