Need You Now: Bad Boy Romance (Waiting On Disaster Book 2)

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Steamy second chance bad boy romance novelAre you looking for your next steamy read? Need You Now is a must-read romance novel. If you love a good second chance story, this is perfect for you.

Need You Now is fast-paced and follows two very interesting characters. Major, who just had to watch his best friend fall in love with his little sister, wasn’t expecting to see the one that got away ever again. Daphne just wanted to get her baby’s deadbeat dad to pay up so she could live a normal life.

They need to find a way to love all while another friend, Leo, is in jail and being framed by the corrupt police.

Will Daphne find love and soften the wall that she puts up between herself and others?

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When Daphne left, I thought I’d never see her again.

She made the right decision. She left. She got out.

Somewhere, her life took a sour turn, and now she’s out hunting down her deadbeat baby daddy.

That was how she ended up back in my town.

In my arms.

And I’ll be damned if I ever let her go again.


I didn’t leave because of Major, but he was why I never went back home.

I knew if I ever saw him again, I’d never leave.

It would just be too painful. For both of us.

But, d*mn it, I had to get my baby’s deadbeat dad to pay up. All I had to do was avoid Major for a few days.

Of course it’s wasn’t that simple.

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The Waiting On Disaster series tells the story of three best friends and the small town they live in. Small towns hide dark secrets, too. The kind of secrets that can ruin lives. Their friendship and their relationships will be tested by pregnancies, babies, dead beat dads and corruption all around them.

Words: 26,000


“I’ve got another life,” Daphne told him. “I can’t just drop everything for you. Regardless of what I might want.”

Major pulled away and looked her in the eyes. “I know that. But at least let me help you, while you’re right in front of me.”

“I can’t ask you to do that. When I’m done here, I’m gone.” Somehow it wouldn’t be fair for him. The transaction wouldn’t be equal. She would be taking, and she wouldn’t be giving anything back. That seemed wrong, somehow, even though it was how every relationship she’d ever had ended, in the end. One gave, and the other took. She’d already taken enough from Major.

“Let me do this for you, Daphne. Don’t be so stubborn.” He kissed her. She put a hand on his chest.

“This is my mess, and I’m not afraid to clean it up myself.”

“Are you telling me you won’t let me help you?” His kiss was accompanied by a hand on her chest this time. He pulled away and looked into her eyes when he didn’t hear an answer.

“I’m not,” she said finally.

“Then let me help.”

“God d*mn it, Major. This isn’t fair.”

“What’s not fair?”

“You being so good to me.” It was her turn to bury her head. “F*ck you.”

“You want to?” He grinned at her.

More books in the Waiting On Disaster series:

Need You Tonight: Don’t sleep with your best friend’s sister. It just might destroy your life.

Daphne’s had a hard life, and she needs to think about her baby. But can she fit love in while she’s fighting to stop her baby’s deadbeat dad from skipping town? Can Major win her heart all over again, and provide a good and happy life for both of them?

From the reviews:

An emotional and rewarding romance, Daphne and Major have anything but an easy time. I was immediately caught up in their story, and my heart broke for all Daphne has been through. The drama is real, but even with the time apart, the chemistry and connection between Daphne and Major is as strong as ever. A great romance with lovely heat to balance with the drama, it’s completely captivating. The author does a wonderful job of keeping the plot original, but also making the characters accessable and likeable. Very highly recommended read for sure. – Nella

If you’re looking for a quick read with lots of drama, easy to follow, realistic characters and scenes vividly described, you’ve found it. I enjoyed watching the characters and their personalities come to life before my eyes. A fantastic storyline that draws you in a keeps your attention on the pages and plastered to your seat – Kaye

Daphne had it rough she was a bail bondsman out to find people who skipped out on their bail. She was on a mission. She was smart, observant, cunning but not when it came to the father of her daughter, Gabriel. She had hunted him down to a small town where she originally came from. She did not want to be there but Gabriel had skipped out on all his child support payments and she was there to collect. Gabriel kept intimidating her and she did not know how to deal with him. Then Major came back into her life. He was the ex she left behind. He was still interested in her and wanted to help her. Their mutual friend Leo was jail for something he did not do and was getting beat up by the local police to confess. But Leo resisted. Because Major was helping her get out of jail she decided to help back by getting a lawyer friend to help Major’s best friend Leo. A mystery soon developed as Leo had them doing crazy things to get evidence he needed. Major and Daphne reconnect their old passions and worked together against Gabriel and to help Leo. This was a short but completely crazy and wild story. – Emma

I’m wondering now if the author will have more books with the third friend and one for the younger sister. If so I definitely would read them as this book drew me further into the lives of each of these characters and I want to know more.
Maid Le is a new that is new to me and with good editing I have enjoyed the two books of hers I have read. – Ren

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Need You Now second chance romanceNeed You Now second chance romance Need You Now second chance romance Need You Now second chance romance

Need You Now second chance romance Need You Now second chance romance Need You Now second chance romance Need You Now second chance romance Need You Now second chance romance Need You Now second chance romance

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    I loved this book, but I wish the ending wasn’t so abrupt

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