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I like using writing prompts when I’m outlining my novels to make sure I’m keeping the mood consistent and keeping in mind that things can always get worse.

Writing prompts are useful for:

  • Defining the course of a relationship
  • Finding new ways to torture your characters
  • Creating an emotionally consistent book
  • Creating unique, three dimensional characters that you want to get to know better
  • Giving those characters a backstory without having to write and memorize a full biography
  • Adding new plot points to your outlines
  • Defining the emotions in scenes

Here are 10 more writing prompts to help you spice up your outline and improve your novel

Controversial opinion fiction writing prompt

What controversial opinions do your characters have? Do they hate ice cream? Do they think penguins are ugly?

Advice fiction writing prompt

What advice does your main character hear too often? Do they hate being told to speak up? Do random men tell them to smile while they’re out shopping?

Psychic fiction writing prompt

Your main character and their love interest visit a psychic. What’s revealed? How do they react? Is one of them a believer, but the other is more of a Scully, scientific type? Does the psychic reveal that one is destined to die the next day?

Royalty fiction writing prompt

How would the love interest in your story react if he found out he was royalty? How would he treat your main character after he found out? Would he hate the idea of being “better” than her, or would he love having something to hold over her and control her more?

Phone call fiction writing prompt

The love interest gets a call, but the main character picks up the phone. It’s a friend the love interest hasn’t spoken to in years. What do they talk about? Does the friend reveal a deep dark secret, or maybe a hilarious and embarrassing tale?

Soap opera writing prompt

Rewrite an argument between two characters as if it were an overly dramatic soap opera. Who would get slapped? Whose life would be ruined?

Romance writing prompt

Your main character and their love interest pretend to be a couple to get a discount. Is it worth it? What do they get in the end?

Aliens and ghosts fiction writing prompt

Do your characters believe in aliens? Do they believe in ghosts? What would convince them to believe? Do they want to believe, or would they rather never know even if they did exist?

Apology letter fiction writing prompt

Write an apology letter from your main character to their love interest. What are they apologizing for? Would the love interest accept the apology?

Win the lottery fiction writing prompt

What would the love interest in your story do if they won the lottery? How would he treat your main character? Would he share the wealth, or spend it selfishly?

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