Stickers! Badass Feminist Female Icons

Buy random feminist stickers now!These stickers are great for scrapbooking! Or, send a sticker to a friend through the mail on a postcard! Either way, they are super awesome and will make your day infinitely better.

Note: these stickers may not be suitable for children and should be enjoyed by radical, incredible feminist adults. 🙂

Sticker Uses:

♥ Sticker bombing: Stick them all over the place!
♥ Journaling: Decorate your planners!
♥ Collages: Make a mashup of stickers!
♥ Computer decoration: Hide the consumerist branding!
♥ Notebook decoration: Decorate your school supplies with quirky and unique stickers!
♥ Activism: These feminist stickers are so badass!
♥ Car decoration: Just make sure it’s your own car!


Length: 5cm
Width 5~10cm
Height: 5cm
Diameter: 5~10cm
Weight: 50g
Adhesive : Yes


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