5 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest for Etsy Sales

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Selling on Etsy is hard, but it can be easier with Pinterest!

It took me a while to figure out my Pinterest marketing plan, and it’s still a work in progress. But I wanted to share what I have learned with all of you!

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Better boards

Do you sell more than one kind of product on Etsy? Then you should have more than one board for your products.

Say you sell jewelry, but you also sell homemade lipstick. Then you need a board for jewelry, and another board for beauty products! And in those boards, don’t just post your stuff. Find pins from other people about how to make jewelry, how to make lipstick, and other related blog posts.

Better descriptions

Descriptions don’t help your SEO on Etsy itself, but when used in the description of a Pinterest pin you can hit new customers and increase your SEO reach.

What should you add to your Etsy descriptions?

  • Describe your product’s physical look
  • Describe what your product is used for
  • Describe who your product is useful for
  • Describe when your product would be used (Especially for holidays!)

Then, when setting up pins, use pieces of that description in the pin’s description, followed with a few targeted hashtags.

More frequent pinning

I use Boardbooster to pin and repin products and blog posts. Repinning isn’t often talked about, but it’s important to keep your boards looking fresh. Boardbooster’s Looper function is very useful for that, since it goes into your old pins and repins them to refresh them.

Looping is important as you gain new followers that haven’t seen your old pins yet. To get more repins from other people, those pins need to be put into their feed!

You only want to use looping for large boards, though. If you only have 10 pins in a board that you’re pinning over and over again, you’re going to look like you’re spamming.

Unique images

Unique images are really important on Pinterest. Most search engines have reverse image searching now, and Pinterest is no different. With that technology, Pinterest can work against your SEO because it thinks your products and pins aren’t unique.

It’s helpful to throw your product images into an image editor and change the colors and add text before you upload those images to Pinterest. You should be doing this, anyway, since photos and colors that work on Etsy don’t necessarily work for Pinterest!

Product section pinning

Here’s a unique tip: Don’t forget to pin your product category pages! Those sections exist for a reason. Etsy items that are grouped together are likely to appeal to the same customers, so don’t be afraid to make unique graphics for your categories and pin them!

Here’s an example for my sale product section:

Get craft supplies on Etsy for cheap!

Doing this gives you unique images, which is important on Pinterest. Plus, it can help you up-sell and cross-sell to the same customers!

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