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10 Habits Of Moms That Always Have A Clean Home

Homemaking habits for beginners

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Being a homemaker is tough. There’s so much to learn about the art of making a home, and it can easily become a love-hate relationship. 

The science of homemaking is all about doing your daily chores, keeping things tidy around you, and improving the aesthetics of your home.

There’s no salary when you’re a homemaker, but it’s still a job cherished by the family that has the mom as a homemaker. It’s a full-time job with few tangible benefits but many spiritual, health, and emotional benefits for the whole family.

It is a fact that many moms can be a little obsessed with cleanliness. Still, it can be a thankless task that even those who benefit most from it can take for granted.

To make things easier around the house, there are a few simple habits that will keep the house clean longer and put your energy to more productive use. These habits have been developed by different moms over the years, but if you can take the advice in this article, you can learn without all the experimentation they had to do.

Some of the basic homemaking tips to follow are detailed below.

Tips That Homemakers Swear By

Ideally, a beginner homemaker will have spent some of their youth learning how to keep a home by the side of their parents. Both daughters and sons should be taught how to cook, clean, and do basic repairs. Those basics are enough to prepare them both for a single life outside of the home, and for the give and take of marriage.

A beginner homemaker that isn’t brought up in a learning environment like that is at a disadvantage, and will probably find homemaking to be frustrating and impossible to figure out. 

If you want to be a pro homemaker even though you weren’t taught how by your parents, there are some basic skills you need to develop first. 

To help guide you, the 10 habits of moms that always have a clean home are as follows:

Washing The Dishes Daily

One of the most useful tips that all homemakers swear by is washing dishes every day. I’d go further and say that you should aim to have a clean sink at 2 points every day: After breakfast, and after dinner. The dishes from lunch can sit in the sink until after dinner!

Doing the dishes throughout the day makes the task easier because instead of facing a mountain of dishes all at once, you’re facing just a few. Plus, food has less time to harden on dishes, meaning you have to spend less time scraping gunk off.

So before you say, “I’ll just do the dishes later on“, I suggest you tackle them more often. 

Plus, washing the dishes later on is just procrastination. Procrastination breeds laziness. Instead of letting the dishes pile up (which makes the rest of your kitchen look messy and dirty), make the attempt to do them after breakfast and after dinner.

This habit is one of many that will maintain a healthy kitchen and it cuts back on the chance that pathogens will spread from the sink to your food prep area.

Declutter Your Space

Decluttering your home regularly is another tip to make homemaking more manageable. Does a messy closet or a pile of clothes in the corner impress you? I doubt it. 

Keeping up with your messy home throughout the day will give you peace of mind, and it makes cleaning in general easier.

Developing the habit of organizing your home will definitely make it a happier place to live in. Try being creative with small boxes and other tools to organize your home. Many of these tools can be found at Dollar Tree, which makes this a frugal tip too!

You might have heard the phrase, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. This doesn’t only apply to your body, but to your home as well. A cluttered house isn’t aesthetically pleasing at all.

When I need motivation to start decluttering, I like to turn on a “clean with me” Youtube video.

Clean Your Home

Decluttering and cleaning are two very different things. Regularly removing dust and washing surfaces to get rid of germs is essential for homemakers.

Want to know a not-so-secret? It’s nearly impossible to be a good homemaker when you get sick. Letting pathogens sit on tables and floors isn’t doing you or your family any favors, and in the end, it will cost you in productivity and hit your bank account with medical bills. 

By using a vacuum cleaner, a small towel and some other house tools, even amateur homeowners can keep their house clean and their family healthy. Never make the mistake of leaving a mess to clean later!

Putting Clothes Away

Everything has a place, and in its place it must go. Some people seem to always have unfolded clothes on their couches, beds, or stuffed into a hamper. 

I’ve found that when I leave my clothes unfolded, I just end up getting lazy about laundry and then no one has underwear the next day! That’s obviously a problem, so I do my best to put clothes away right away, every time. 

Keeping your clothes in their designated place not only makes your whole home look spotless, but it gives you more space in which to play, sit, and have company over. Plus, no one likes throwing clean clothes on the floor when it’s time for them to go to bed, right?

Using The Right Tools

Finding the right tools requires creative thinking, but they can turn cleaning from a slog to a breeze. Using the right brushes, cloths, and other tools will help keep your home tidy and looking flawless with less work. 

Here’s how to choose the right tools for homemaking:


Don’t wear pajamas. I started wearing a house dress or skirt almost every day, and I don’t regret it. I get more done when I wear actual clothes, and I feel less lazy too. That lazy feeling will give in to fatigue and then you just won’t get your to-do list done.

If all you have is lazy clothes, and you don’t have a ton of money, check your local thrift stores or a service like Thredup. It’s like an online thrift store, so even if you’re a busy mom like I am, you can still update your wardrobe without spending too much dang money.


I have to have something on my feet when I’m cooking or cleaning. I can’t stand it when something gets stuck on my foot, and chances are there’s a million tiny crumbs or piece of dog food ready to irritate me.

I usually wear some Crocs when I am cleaning. They’re comfortable and, well… where else am I going to wear them?


Yeah, I think of music as a tool!

Good music makes me feel so much better. You’ll often find me dancing while I clean. This is one of the songs I have been listening to a lot lately:


I use old t-shirts that I can’t donate as rags. I cut them up, sew the edges, and use them to clean spills that I wouldn’t use my good rags for.

I try not to use paper towels anymore, since I am trying to be more environmentally friendly. Making my own rags with cloth I would have otherwise tossed means that if they get grease on them, I can still throw them away instead of risking a fire by putting them in the drier.


99% of the time I’m using a vinegar based cleaner. I only really use bleach in the bathroom (and sometimes in the kitchen). By the way, never mix vinegar and bleach.

Since we’re on the topic of things not to mix, mixing vinegar and baking soda makes both of them useless for cleaning. Once the bubbles are gone, all you have left is water, sodium carbonate, and sodium acetate. Essentially, you’re just making kind of salty water.

Keep Shoes Outside!

Shoes are disgusting. Do you know how often you step on disease-carrying insects, errant pieces of poop, old food, and puke?! Too often. 

So keep those vectors for disease and dirt out of the home. Make every guest take their shoes off at the door. You can offer them slippers to wear instead. When I started offering slippers, it really put the guests at ease. I think a lot of guests take issue with removing their shoes because they worry that their feet stink, so giving them something to wear helps ease that anxiety.

This tip cuts down on dirt being tracked into the home, which means you can vacuum less. Shoes can ruin carpets, too!

Choose The Right Scents

Strong chemical smells are really out. No one likes to walk into a house that smells like bleach or Lysol anymore. Sure, it makes your house smell clean, but modern people are also thinking it smells carcinogenic or just plain overwhelming.

So choose cleaners that have lighter scents. And when you want to add a scent to your house, go with natural scents from an essential oil diffuser or make your own by cooking or baking something.

If you need to cover up bad smells quickly, opt for coffee grounds or baking soda. They will absorb the bad smells without adding an unpleasant odor.

In the bathroom, I’ve never found the trick to add essential oils to the toilet paper roll to work. Instead, I opt to light a few candles when guests are over, or use a small essential oil diffuser. 

Keeping Indoor Plants

You didn’t think about this one, did you? This is my favorite habit of moms that always have a clean home. 

So you have your tables decluttered and cleaned. You have your floors vacuumed. Your house smells nice.

But your new couch is off-gassing carcinogenic chemicals. And you had to use bleach in the bathroom. And your dad, who smokes, just visited. Eek!

The air in your home isn’t always the cleanest and healthiest. You need to add some house plants into your home to clean the air and keep your family healthy. 

Not only does clean air help keep your family healthy, but the plants themselves will boost your mood and make you feel motivated to keep up with your space. Nourishing and caring for some plants will brighten your home and your emotional well-being.

I’ve learned that one of the best ways to beat stress is by taking care of others. Plants are vulnerable, and they need your attention to survive and thrive. Thus, keeping plants is one way to beat the depression that sometimes plagues the housewife and makes her less productive around the home.

Making Beds Daily

There’s a reason the military insists on soldiers making their beds every morning. It instills discipline and reminds you of that discipline first thing every day. 

You may think there’s no point in doing this, but I am going to have to thoroughly disagree with that. When you make your bed, you are setting an intention for the rest of the day to do things properly. You’re not going to do it half-way, you’re not going to let yourself be lazy, and you’re not going to let even the smallest part of your home fall into disrepair.

This is fundamental to respecting your home, your belongings, and your family. If you are a full-time homemaker, then treat this as your job and do every part of it.

This small act will pay dividends in making you a more disciplined person for the rest of your life.

Deep Cleaning Regularly

Creating a schedule for deep cleaning means it never comes as a surprise, and your house never really gets so bad that you cringe when an uninvited guest comes over. 

With a well-formed schedule, you’ll be able to deep clean without really breaking a sweat, and you’ll be able to plan breaks and days off when need be.

I would create a schedule at the start of every month, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all cleaning schedule. This way you can plan for birthdays, days off from school, and doctor appointments which will eat up a chunk of your day.

I strongly suggest picking a day of the week to have off from any cleaning. For me, as I am beginning to go back to Christianity, I am working on taking Sunday off for real. I don’t always succeed (because I am by nature a workaholic), but it has helped me to take a break from the things that stress me out so that I can fully commit to taking care of my family.

What day you choose to take off will depend on your lifestyle, but I don’t recommend cleaning 7 days a week aside from basic maintenance like keeping up with the dishes.

Embrace The Art Of Homemaking Today!

Homemaking is one of the greatest and most beautiful jobs in the world. It is a lifelong commitment to bringing peace and wellbeing into your home so that stress doesn’t break your family apart.

While homemaking is crucial to every home, it isn’t impossible or even really hard to do well. Maintaining a home is all about creating small habits and sticking to them.

Caring for your family and your home is a wholesome, gratifying task that benefits every member of your family. Finding the joy in your homemaking will make you a better person in the end (and while we all love to complain, we could certainly do less of it!)

If you plan your tasks, you will find ample time to rest, relax and have some alone time. With time, you will start to enjoy all the perks of homemaking. In fact, once your house is all clean, you can praise yourself for all the hard work you just did.

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Becoming a homemaker is hard when you're a beginner. Read the 10 habits of moms that always have a clean home. Christian homemaking is about more than just keeping your home clean. Read this blog post at Stay at home mom tips for housewives. Homemaking tips. Christian homemaking blogs. Being a millennial homemaker isn't always easy. Aesthetic homemaking skills that are essential for all young wives and moms. Frugal homemaking. #homemaking #homemaker #sahm #housewife
Homemaking is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world. It is a lifelong commitment to bringing peace and wellbeing into your home so that stress doesn't break your family apart. Read this blog post at Stay at home mom tips for housewives. Homemaking tips. Christian homemaking blogs. Being a millennial homemaker isn't always easy. Traditional homemaking 101. How to be a homemaking pro. Old fashion homemaker tips for modern women. #homemaking #homemaker #sahm #housewife
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